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The Best Book Light
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For What?
  • For you to enjoy reading anywhere.
  • To give to your family, friends or colleagues (they will love it)
  • To sell it in your small business or store.
  • To prepare your Christmas presents.
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  • Keep a low profile: With its three brightness levels you can adjust the luminosity to read without disturbing your bed partner
  • Availability of light anywhere: In addition to reading in bed, you can carry it with you at all times; it is small and includes a bag to pack all your accessories. 
  • Economy: Its long life rechargeable battery prevents you from having to buy AA or AAA batteries. 
  • Low environmental impact: Its replaceable battery allows reuse the lamp for several years (most of the reading lamps have welded batteries that can’t be easily replaced).  

What you’ll get out of this Clip On Book Light

“My wife has been complaining about every small reading light we have tried but she likes this one!”
“The perfect book light. I really hate how harsh and bright book lights are these days. I would wrap wax paper around them to try and dim them down a bit. This light is perfect for my eyes, it is a pleasant hue, and the lowest setting is just bright enough (which was exactly what I was looking for)”
““This is a great light for multiple uses. I primarily use it to read or work when my husband is watching TV and we don't have the lights on. The brightness is great, and adjustable as well. The lower level of light is perfect for some things, and the brighter is great for reading and more intensive uses. It is very easy to recharge and the travel bag is perfect for storage when not being used. Of course, recharge ability is the best part. It clips easily to books or lap boards and I have had no problems with it popping off. This is a very good light.”
3. Enjoy hours and hours of reading.
You'll have light available all the time, you can power it with battery or cable and use any USB port.
You have 3 levels of light to choose from.
2. Adjusts the light level and angle
1. Clip to you book
Strong but delicate, it clings without damaging the pages of the book.
Discover how easy it is to use the perfect reading lamp.
Promotion valid through September 14th or while stocks last.
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